My Book Recommendations For Language Development

There are few gifts that you can give a child that are more meaningful and supportive than books.

Did you know the Fairfax library now tells you how much money you save by using the library? We’re at over $5k, just by checking out weekly books for my 3 year old over a few months!!

PRESS HERE: Here’s an awesome interactive book, where your toddler can’t man-handle the pages and destroy the cute little flaps. In this book, help your child learn various action words (press, turn, push) and modifiers (gently, a little bit) while they perform magic on the pages! This book is great for little ones who struggle to pay attention to longer texts.

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?: Research tells us that many little ones imitate sounds before they do words. This book is perfect for that! My husband jokes that I “moo” for a living, but hey if it engages a child and gets them to communicate, I’ll quack, moo, and vroom all day long!

Poke-a-Dot: Another great option for children to interact with a book! Poke-a-Dots have engaged even my most inattentive clients because they get auditory and tactile feedback from this text! We practice counting and following directions with these books too.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?: I love a good book with flaps, so much so that the majority of mine have been surgically repaired with multiple rounds of scotch tape! The “Where Is Baby’s?” series is excellent for attention to stories, following directions, basic vocabulary, and prepositions (in, on, under).

If all else fails, get books on your child’s favorite subjects. In addition to the library books on our weekly theme, my 3 year old and I read the same books about Lightning McQueen and Paw Patrol every single night. He can’t get enough of them. If I mess up one word, he catches me!

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