Feeding Success Is One Step At A Time

Research tells us it can take 10+ exposures to a new food before a child accepts it into their repertoire.

An exposure doesn’t necessarily mean taking a bite either. 

It can be as simple as allowing in on the dinner table on a parent’s plate for some kids. For others, a first exposure can be smelling it or touching it.

This little girl has been with me for a few months and her initial exposures have improved from cringing at novel foods when I bring them out in therapy just when she looks at them, to willingly grabbing them with her whole hand and often times, bringing them towards her nose or lips immediately.

She’s not quite comfortable enough to take a bite of a new food yet, but that’s ok. We have already broken down alot of barriers.

Thanks to her mom for continuing the hard work at home. Having your child help you meal prep is an excellent, low pressure way to expose them to new foods. The child gets to look at, touch and smell new foods without the anxiety or pressure to eat any. 

Plus, they get first hand experience watching how foods transform… and that can be so cool!