Mom and Tots

What it is

Mom & Tots is an early education and socialization group designed for children ranging from 2 to 4 years old. This is a great activity for moms (or other caregivers!) looking for structured play and learning opportunities for their children–whether or not they have special needs.

What You Should Know

I developed this educational program based on the training I received obtaining my master’s degree in education and my early career as a teacher. I have fine tuned it through a daily weekday routine over several years with my own sons. 

It is very effective in teaching and reinforcing concepts as well as lengthening attention spans and helping children learn how to follow directions in a classroom or structured group setting.

My Approach

Mom & Tots is fun! We always have a monthly theme of interest to our tots like: space, vehicles, dinosaurs, farm animals and more.

The theme of the month connects all of our activities to reinforce learning and concepts. And, while the theme stays the same, the activities change frequently! Every 15 minutes we switch into a different type of learning activity and system, for example:

  • Crafts: Let’s make a handprint and turn it into an alien!
  • Sensory learning: let’s do a sensory bin filled with black and white beans and balls representing the planets (with some aliens thrown in). This can help fine motor skills.
  • Early Literacy: It’s story time – let’s see what space books we are reading today! There is a big emphasis on sight words, print awareness, and other foundational reading skills here to begin prepare your child for pre-K and kindergarten. You’ll take home books to reinforce your child’s learning and give them the opportunity to show off their skills at home.
  • Musical learning: I swear my three year old knows more about planets than I do and it’s because his favorite song helps him remember fun facts about them.
  • Exploratory learning: Lets find rocks, paint them and create a 3D model of the solar system.

Your child will have fun, meet other kids and learn new concepts– it’s been my favorite time to spend with my boys.

Let’s Get Started!