Social Skills Group

What It Is

Speech therapy is not just about targeting and correcting specific sounds. After all, the whole point of speech is to communicate, socialize and connect with our friends and family!

A speech group session is when children at similar development levels are grouped together in a therapy session that emphasizes peer-to-peer engagement and structured play.

What You Should Know

A speech group is one of the best ways you can supplement and accelerate progress from one-on-one therapy. 

Research has consistently shown that treatment in groups is effective. This is because your child thrives on peer feedback, which creates an energy and excitement that is channeled into achieving their speech goals. 

It also teaches important social cues such as taking turns, cooperation, compromise and developing shared meaning through pretend play. 

My Approach

The activities we engage during speech group vary depending on the development level of the group. 

All groups feature a structured routine that typically involves some mix of:

  • Greetings
  • Games involving turn taking
  • Music and movement
  • Arts and crafts 
  • and more!

Let’s Get Started!