This Week From The Library: In The Kitchen

With this pandemic, I feel like half of my life is spent in the kitchen. So, why not teach about it? 🍳🍽️

There were dozens of fun books about food and cooking to choose from. Favorite this week were definitely the “If you give a…” series and Dragons Love Tacos. Special treat – Pop-pop was visiting and got to read the Pop-Pop and Me book.

This collection also brought in some diversity to our lessons with characters and foods from different races and cultures. The King’s Taster is a funny book about a little one who snacks too much so he doesn’t eat food at mealtimes.

That could be a good one to read if you have a little grazer who refuses lunch or dinner because they are full!

*Hot Tip* We read Dragons Love Tacos before trying tacos for the first time at home for dinner. It actually helped him get excited about the new food (WILL YOU BREATHE FIRE TOO?! Let’s find out!)