Tip: Repeat Back The Error

You can absolutely take a break or vacation from weekly therapy.

But that doesn’t mean supporting growth and improvement in your child’s speech needs to stop.

No need to bring worksheets or speech games.

Instead, if you have a little one working on articulation of certain sounds, use their conversational speech to help them make corrections.

One of my fav speech tips when a child can produce a sound correctly but struggles to generalize it is to repeat back the error.

Example :
My little guy struggles with L. Technically, this is an age appropriate error. But, he CAN say a perfect L when I remind him.

On our trip, while exploring you don’t know how many times I heard “Wook, mommy, Wook”

So, I said back “Wook” and as clear as day he’d say back “No, LOOK!” Yay! This gives him practice in his very natural setting with his sound as well as increase his awareness of the sound across environments – a big step in generalizing the new speech sound.

This tip is really best for kids who have almost mastered a sound in therapy (or natural development, like my little guy with his L) but don’t yet use it independently. For kids who CANNOT say their target sounds without cues from their therapist, I would hold off on this activity, for now.