Try This Fun Snowman Activity

The set up

Today in speech therapy I made a snowman with one of my kiddos.

I’ve created a canvas with contact paper and painters tape (I should just put those on Amazon subscription!) We will put cotton balls on as the snow, construction paper pieces as the face, and tiny buttons.

This activity is excellent for body part recognition and labeling as well as core, functional vocabulary!

➡ On / off➡ More➡ Up / down➡ Help (can he reach the top?)

We will also work on “sticky” and “stuck” and thematic vocabulary like snow, snowman, cold and buttons. This is an excellent fine motor activity with exposure to various textures and tiny pieces.

The finished product

How cute?! Little man labeled and imitated body parts and said “more” and “no” for snow.

This is very age appropriate and so great to hear him using words. I’m also impressed because this activity kept his attention for almost 10 minutes 😲

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