Virtual Learning Support

What It Is

Many school districts, including Fairfax County schools, have moved to either an all online or hybrid online and in-person learning environment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What You Need To Know

Online teaching and learning is different than being in the classroom and requires a different set of skills. Children who were doing fine in the classroom setting, may be struggling to grasp concepts while virtual learning for a variety of reasons.

My Approach

As an educator, well adept in teletherapy and online learning, I will observe your child in their virtual learning environment. I will monitor their behaviors, the teaching strategies, environment and support systems in place. 

I will then develop an individualized support plan filled with recommendations for how parents can support their virtual learning. These recommendations will have been “battle tested” by me–I will plan a lesson and deliver it to your child online to ensure we have the right plan in place.

Let’s Get Started!