Speech Therapy For Kids

All Children’s Speech Therapy Offered Via Teletherapy or In-person.


One day your kid’s speech is fluent and the next they are repeating words or syllables–impeding their ability to communicate.


Articulation disorder is when childrens speech is distorted or the child is having difficulty producing certain speech sounds.

Delayed Language

Delayed receptive-expressive language is when a child has trouble understanding (receptive) or expressing communication. 


A child who has apraxia of speech often knows what they want to say, but they have trouble expressing it correctly or consistently. 


Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that causes social, behavioral and communication challenges. 

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is when the child has an extra chromosome, impacting how their brains and bodies develop. Their communication skills are also impacted.


Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) is any device that assists non-verbal or minimally verbal children. It typically refers to an electronic speech generating device, but it can also refer to low tech approaches that utilize printed pictures. 

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